Anhui Provincial Hospital, previously known as Hefei Christian Hospital, was built in 1898. It is a general hospital with advanced equipment, comprehensive specialties, and strong technical capability. It has 4,171 beds and 691 staff with senior professional titles, including 186 PhDs and 1,038 with master’s degrees. Among its staff, 102 experts receive a special government allowance, and 34 were honored as “Outstanding Doctors in the Jianghui Area.” The center has 32 doctoral advisors and 190 master’s advisors.

The hospital gives special assistance in developing organ transplantation technology. It claims that its technology in heart and combined heart-lung transplantation are at the forefront in China, and that its living-donor liver and kidney transplantation leads Anhui Province.718

This hospital began conducting kidney transplants in the 1970s, and kidney transplantation has now become a routine operation. It began liver transplants in 2003 and was one of the pioneers of liver transplantation in China. In 2004, it performed the first living-donor liver transplant in Anhui Province.

Its Heart Surgery Department has successfully conducted heart and heart-lung transplants. Its heart transplantation capabilities have ascended to a leading position in China.

Liu Hongtao led the development of kidney transplantation after transferring to Anhui Provincial Hospital from the Xiangya Second Hospital Organ Transplantation Center at the end of 2006. A high-standard organ transplantation ward was established in January 2011. As more transplants were conducted, the hospital’s quantity of living-donor kidney transplants once ranked among the top five in China.

On April 11, 2015, the hospital performed a living-donor kidney extraction and three kidney transplants in 23 hours.719