The Armed Police General Hospital, formerly the Central Guards Regiment Health Center, is a large, modern, comprehensive 3A hospital providing medical care, health care, education, research, and rescue services. The hospital has 1,380 beds. Its staff includes 13 doctoral advisors and 100 Master’s advisors. It is a national-class postdoctoral research station and a training base for medical students and postgraduates.440

Its Liver Transplant Institute is claimed to be Beijing’s largest liver transplant center. It was jointly founded by the hospital and the Tianjing Oriental Organ Transplant Center in late 2001, with liver transplant specialist Shen Zhongyang as the director. It set up a highly-skilled organ transplant team with rich clinical experience in performing liver and kidney surgery, organ transplantation medicine, and organ transplant care. Shen established a standard procedure for liver transplantation that has made it a routine clinical practice in China. Shen’s teams in Tianjing and Beijing both set, and maintained a record of carrying out the most transplants in China. 441

This hospital’s website claims that the volume of liver transplants ranked second place nationwide from 2003 to early 2008. During this period, Shen helped 47 hospitals in 16 provinces start their own liver transplantation services. 442

Zang Yunjin joined the Liver Transplant Institute in January 2005 and served as deputy director. From January 2005 to January 2008, he also instructed many hospitals in Hebei, Henan, and Shandong province to carry out liver transplants. 443

Chen Xinguo began to specialize in liver transplant clinical work in 2002. Chen participated in nearly 2,000 liver transplant surgeries in 13 years and has independently completed over 600 liver transplants. Chen pioneered several types of transplants in China and has completed difficult transplant surgeries, including combined liver-kidney and split liver transplants. He also assisted over 10 institutes inside and outside Beijing to carry out liver transplants. Chen was responsible for major initiatives of two state projects—The 863 Program and The 973 Program, two provincial projects, and two projects for Chinese People’s Armed Police Force.444

In 2005, Liu Hang from the Oriental Organ Transplant Center formed a renal transplant team at this institute. By July 2010, the number of kidney transplants performed by the team had ranked first in the Beijing-Tianjin area.445 Liu also trained over 10 junior surgeons in liver and kidney procurement.

Niu Yujian has been working in the transplant field for nearly 20 years, and founded the organ transplant drop-in center. The center treats more than 30,000 organ transplant recipients annually, including liver, kidney, lung, combined liver-kidney and pancreas-renal transplant recipients.446