The hospital is one of the three largest in China that integrates traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It has 1,961 staff, including 81 professors and chief surgeons/physicians, 168 associate professors and associate chief surgeons/physicians, 67 with PhDs, over 400 staff with master’s degrees, over 20 studied abroad, and one national medical master.948

Ruikang Hospital is one of the only two traditional Chinese medicine hospitals qualified to perform transplant surgery.949  Its Department of Urologic Surgery leads in the quantity of, and skill in kidney transplants in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its medical staff of 28 currently includes 5 senior experts, 7 staff with PhD and master’s degrees, 4 graduate advisors, one staff member studying abroad, and 4 attending physicians.950

The hospital’s website firmly establishes its Department of Urology as the leading regional kidney transplant program in both surgical volume and transplant capabilities. 951 The department performs allogeneic kidney, liver, combined liver-kidney, and other types of transplants. 952

Dr. Hongjun Gao, vice president of the hospital, graduated from Southern Medical University (formerly known as The PLA First Military Medical University) and majored in organ transplantation. He studied islet cell transplantation in Canada in 2004 and has worked at the General Hospital of Shenyang Military and Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University. Gao led hundreds of kidney, liver and other organ transplants. His surgery success rate is comparable with that of other prominent transplant centers in China. 953

Xinwei Gu, director of the transplant department, specializes in liver, kidney and combined multi-organ transplants. He participated in 2,000 kidney transplants, over 200 liver transplants, over 20 combined liver-kidney transplants and multi-visceral transplants. He led more than 300 kidney transplants and 50 liver transplants. 954

Minzhuan Lin, chief surgeon and guest professor at the hospital, has been engaged in kidney transplantation for 19 years. Lin has personally participated in close to 2,000 kidney transplants.955

The hospital has undertaken 114 research projects since 2009, including 37 national-level projects and 77 provincial-level projects, amounting to over 40 million RMB in funding. It has made 30 scientific and technological achievements.956