In 2002, Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital merged with the Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences to form the current Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences and Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. It currently has 6,455 staff members, including 866 senior specialists. This hospital currently has 4,300 beds.901

The hospital operates a clinical transplant center that integrates many kinds of organ and cell transplants. It was established in March 2007 and ranked 28th among more than 160 organ transplant centers across the country in 2009.902

It has carried out clinical liver, kidney, small intestine, pancreas, combined pancreas-kidney, combined liver-intestinal, and other types of transplants. In June 2009, it opened the first and only organ transplant specialist outpatient clinic in the province. It has over 100 beds, and the vast majority of its doctors hold PhD degrees.903

Deng, Shaoping, an academic leader in the field, has been engaged in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery for 29 years. Deng had researched clinical medicine and basic organ transplantation for a long time in well-known universities in Europe and the U.S. He has developed advanced techniques in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery and organ and cell transplantation, especially in the research of islet xenotransplantation.904

Yang, Hongji, the director of the Organ Transplant Center, has won multiple awards from the World Transplant Congress. Yang is a xenotransplantation expert with rich experience in clinical combined pancreas-kidney, liver-intestinal, and living-donor liver transplantation, as well as pediatric split-liver transplantation. He has trained a group of young transplant doctors.905

Huang, Xiaolun, a master’s advisor at Southwest Jiaotong University and deputy director of the Organ Transplant Research Institute, had studied under Huang Jiefu. He worked in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in the transplant surgery division at the University of Virginia Hospital in the U.S. from July 2006 to February 2010, and served as the director of the cell transplant program. He returned to China in March 2010 and is currently Chairman of the Sichuan Society of the Immunological Organ Transplantation Committee.906