This hospital was founded in 1881 and is a non-directly affiliated hospital of Weifang Medical School. It has 2105 beds, 543 staff with associate senior professional titles or above, and 808 staff with doctorate and graduate degrees.756

The hospital has made breakthroughs in stem cell transplantation and organ transplantation, and is advanced domestically in several major technology projects. 757

Its Urologic Surgery Department is the largest and strongest diagnosis and treatment center in Weifang City and the central Shandong region, and has carried out many kidney transplants. It currently has 72 beds, 19 doctors, including 5 Master’s advisors, 4 staff with PhDs, and 13 staff with Master’s degrees.

President and director of the department Lu Hongkai is a leader in the field of kidney transplantation. He began performing allogenic kidney transplants in 1996 and since then gained extensive experience in transplant surgery and postoperative patient management. He boasts a successful survival rate for transplant recipients. Liu is a member of the Shandong Organ Transplant Committee and a key member of the kidney transplantation research group.758

He has undertaken projects for the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and several provincial projects in recent years, all of which were reported as successful in state reports. Over ten of his research projects have received scientific awards in Weifang City. He has published over 80 papers in China’s core journals on transplant issues, and advised over 20 master students. 759

Liu Ludong, director of the urologic surgery department, claims that his kidney transplant success rate is high. He is a committee member of the transplantation sub-committee in both the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Doctors Association in Shandong Province. 760

According to the hospital’s academic journal, from 1999 to 2006, the hospital attempted to improve liver procurements from “fresh corpses” and carried out 5 piggyback liver transplant surgeries, 4 classic liver transplant surgeries and 26 simulated experiments.761