This is the first affiliated hospital of Northwest University for Nationalities and its First Clinical Medical College. It also serves as a teaching hospital for institutions including the Northern Nationalities University, the Fourth Military Medical University, etc. It has 2,630 open beds, 36 master’s advisors, and 430 staff members with PhDs and master’s degrees. It has 146 professors and associate professors and 29 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council or the autonomous region.1032

The principal activities of its urologic surgery department include kidney transplantation. Currently, the department has 12 professional and technical personnel, among whom 4 have senior titles and 4 have masters’ degrees.1033

The hospital has sent its core personnel to the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and well-known domestic hospitals for further study. Its medical team maintains communication with academic experts in Canada, Japan, and other countries; they have also established technical relationships with the Fourth Military Medical University, Peking University People’s Hospital, Fu Wai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese PLA General Hospital, and other units. In recent years, the hospital has completed over 70 research projects, more than 30 of which have won scientific research achievement awards.1034

The hospital established the Ningxia Eye Hospital in 2005. Its capabilities of corneal transplantation have reached an advanced level in China and have built a good reputation in the region and the five northwestern provinces.1035 It can perform corneal transplant surgeries for a variety of indications.1036 This eye hospital has over 200 inpatient beds. In 2014, about 150,000 patients visited this hospital. It has 230 medical staff members, including 31 with PhDs and master’s degrees, and two who receive special allowances from the State Council. The hospital also has first-class, modern medical equipment domestically and internationally, and ranks among the top in northwestern China.1037

Kidney transplantation is one of the main activities of the urologic surgery department. The department has 12 professional and technical personnel, including four senior personnel and four staff members with master’s degrees. In recent years, it has been responsible for three national, provincial, and ministerial-level research projects.1038 It collaborates with the nephrology department to conduct kidney transplants.1039 Chief surgeon Gao Pingsheng studied urologic surgery and kidney transplantation in Beijing and other areas.1040