The hospital’s liver transplant center has 4 chief surgeons, 3 deputy chief surgeons, 1 PhD, and 10 staff members with Master’s degrees. The hospital hosts Master’s degree training units for many well-known medical universities, including Southern Medical University, Medical College of Nanchang University, Fujian Medical University, etc.

In September 2002, the center successfully performed the first liver transplantation in southern Fujian Province. It holds 4 “national first and only” records in liver transplantation technology. It has 126 beds.470

Zhang Chenghua, director of the liver transplant center, has a good reputation and is influential among his peers. 471 He has expertise in maintaining the function of organs, liver and kidney transplantation.472

Its Ophthalmic Department is the Ophthalmology Center of Nanjing Military. It has spearheaded keratoplasty in Fujian Province, and established the Quanzhou eye bank. It routinely carries out keratoplasty and amniotic membrane transplants. 473 In June 2010, it was officially named the No. 180 Ophthalmic Hospital. It has 180 beds, over 10 staff members with senior professional titles, and 22 with Master’s degrees and above.474