The hospital’s Thoracic Surgery Department ranks among the top three in China170 and is a national key clinical specialty. It has 4 wards, 2 ICUs, and about 200 beds.171

This 3A specialized teaching hospital has the highest success rate for clinical lung transplants in China. In December 2002, it successfully conducted the first lung transplant for a senior patient in Asia. It has accumulated the most detailed clinical data in the country. 172 Entrusted by the Organ Transplantation Society of the Chinese Medical Association, it drafted and formulated the “Technical Protocol for Clinical Lung Transplantation.”173

Jiang Gening, director of its Thoracic Surgery Department, accomplished the first lung re-transplant in Asia, and the first lung transplantation combined with bilateral lung volume reduction surgery in China. It is the only hospital in China that can perform all types of lung transplants.174 It has helped over 10 hospitals in 8 provinces and regions to develop lung transplantation, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Guangxi, Xinjiang, and Zhejiang. Jiang’s “clinical lung transplant research” project won second prize of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006.175

Gao Wen, former president of the Shanghai Lung Hospital and vice chairman of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Thoracic Surgeons Subcommittee, mainly conducts clinical and basic research in lung transplantation. He has led the key “clinical research in lung transplantation” project under the Shanghai Science Committee and published more than 80 articles in domestic and international journals.176