This is one of the largest military hospitals in China. It is in the same city as the secret Sujiatun concentration camp which was exposed in 2006 for providing living organs for transplant from Falun Gong practitioners. The hospital’s official website and its domestic internet have hardly any information about the scale of organ transplants.

Its kidney transplant center is well known in China. This department’s featured specialties include allograft kidney transplantation. Currently, it has 11 surgeons, including 7 with senior professional titles, 5 with doctoral degrees and 2 with Master’s degrees.447

Currently its official website shows: “Since it successfully carried out the first case of an allograft kidney transplant in August 1978, the hospital has completed more than 1700 cases of kidney transplant.” “It has 36 inpatient beds.” This less than 100 average annual transplant volume obviously does not match its status of “one of the most famous transplant centers in the country.”

Liu Long, the director of its urologic surgery department, specializes in kidney transplantation. Liu is a committee member of the Chinese Organ Transplantation Society and the Kidney Transplantation Group of the Chinese Urological Association. He is also the deputy director of the PLA Organ Transplant Professional Committee.

The website of its hepatobiliary surgery department shows that it has 11 surgeons, including 1 chief and 7 deputy chief surgeons. Among them are 1 postdoctoral fellow, 4 doctorates and 3 Master’s degree holders. The only message about liver transplantation on this web page states that Zhou Wenping, director of this department, studied Liver Transplant in Sweden’s Hudding Hospital from 1996 to 1997. He successfully implemented the first liver transplant in the Shenyang Military Region in October 2002. 448

The hospital’s ophthalmology department is renowned in the PLA, especially for its specialty of corneal transplantation. The hospital claims to have the largest eye bank in northeastern China as well as in the entire military. This eye bank has abundant donor sources. The quantity of corneal transplants performed is at the forefront among major hospitals in the northeast. It is also known as the only hospital in the Shenyang region capable of readily providing supplies to meet the demand of corneal transplantation patients.449