This update uncovers the on-demand nature of organ transplants in China, abundance of organs despite the lack of a functional donation system, continued expansion of transplantation capacity after organ harvesting first came to light in 2006, driving factors behind the industry’s growth, and the role of Party and government agencies and individual officials in implementing and perpetuating the systematic killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs.

While Chinese officials typically say that China transplants about 10,000 organs a year, this Update shows that this annual figure is surpassed by just a few hospitals. Based on government-imposed minimum capacity requirements for transplant centers, the 146 approved liver and kidney transplant centers could have reached over one million transplants since 2000. The vast majority of these hospitals well exceed the minimum capacity. In total, China had more than 1,000 transplant institutes in 2007. The total system-wide transplant capacity and volume performed in China are staggering.

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