The China Organ Harvest Research Center is an organization committed to undertaking and presenting objective research on non-consensual organ harvesting in China. It is our firm belief that the non-consensual organ harvesting, especially when conducted against prisoners of conscience, is a crime against humanity and a new form of state terrorism. We feel it is our duty as citizens of the world to bring this issue to the attention of the public and to ultimately help end this barbaric practice.

The primary audience we target consists of policymakers, academics, educators, medical professionals, lawyers, business leaders, human rights advocates, other researchers and the wider public. We will seek, discover, translate and analyze primary sources and other evidence from Chinese sources.

We cannot achieve this goal alone. Facing such atrocities, every member of society has a duty to act—to safeguard basic morality and speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. We look forward to collaborating with other researchers, medical professionals and human rights activists to deepen our understanding what has taken place, and what continues to take place in China today.

You can have a great impact by:

  • Learning about this issue and telling others about it.
  • Helping to spread the message that these crimes cannot be tolerated by the international community.
  • Supporting legislation to prevent individuals and institutions from becoming complicit in these crimes.
  • Talking to your doctor about these atrocities. Medical personnel are critical allies in the global debate.