The hospital has more than 300 experts and professors, including 90 doctoral advisors and 130 master’s advisors. Among them are an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and two pre-academician candidates of the PLA General Logistics Department. The hospital has a capacity of 2,100 beds.695

The hospital’s kidney transplantation operation holds a leading position in China. It is a key discipline in Shanghai and a national key discipline. 696

Its urological surgery department has nearly 100 beds, 4 professors, 5 associate professors, 12 attending surgeons, 7 residents, 3 PhD advisors, and 4 master’s advisors. Its website promoted its kidney transplantation as follows:697

  • Rapid recovery after surgery with high-quality kidneys
  • Short waiting time for transplantation due to a sufficient supply of kidney sources
  • Low cost, with an average hospitalization fee of 50,000 RMB

This webpage is no longer accessible, though an archived version exists. The hospital has deleted most pages under its organ transplant center and left only two expert profiles. Very little information remains.

Professor Zeng Li is the director of the organ transplant center and a PhD advisor. He focuses his research on damage and repair mechanisms in organ transplantation. He is a member of the PLA Organ Transplantation Professional Committee, a youth member of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Organ Transplantation Professional Committee, a member of the CMA Pancreas, Kidney, and Small Intestine Transplant Group, and an editor of multiple journals and monographs. He has led and participated in 5 million RMB worth of research projects and published more than 20 articles in SCI journals. He has received multiple achievement awards and three patents.698

Professor Zhu Youhua, a PhD advisor at the center, is currently director of the PLA Organ Transplant Research Institute, Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Organ Transplantation Subcommittee, an expert consultant on the Central Military Commission Health Committee, director of the Shanghai Kidney Transplant Quality Control Center, and a member of the PLA Organ Transplant Specialists Committee. He was one of the first in China to work on fast whole-kidney extraction techniques, increasing the utilization rate and quality of donor kidneys. He began conducting combined pancreas-kidney transplants, filling a gap in Shanghai. He was one of the first in China to research and use preservation fluid for kidney and other organs in clinical practice, leading China to enter an internationally advanced level in this field. He is deputy editor-in-chief of the Chinese Journal of Organ Transplantation and an editor of the Organ Transplantation journal, Chinese Journal of Transplantation (Electronic Version), and Practical Journal of Organ Transplantation (Electronic Version). He has edited 5 monographs, published more than 100 articles, and received 5 national patents.699 700

In May 2007, the hospital’s chief kidney transplant surgeon, Li Baochun, committed suicide by jumping out of the building in which he had conducted kidney transplants.701