Chengdu Military General Hospital serves as a base for kidney-transplant-related medical treatment, research, and education in Southwestern China. It serves as a teaching hospital for the Third Military Medical University, Southwest Jiaotong University College of Medicine, and others. It has 2,500 beds, 11 post-doctoral fellows, 119 staff members with PhDs, 186 with Master’s degrees, 153 professionals with senior titles, and 345 with intermediate titles.528

Its urologic surgery department is one of the main departments conducting organ transplants. Since 1979, the department has continuously carried out kidney transplants for the past several decades now, reaching an advanced level in China. It has 11 surgeons and physicians, including 3 professors and chief surgeons, 4 associate professors/associate chief surgeons, 4 attending surgeons, 5 staff members with PhDs, and 2 with Master’s degrees. In addition to kidney transplants, the department also carries out liver and bone marrow transplants. The department has 50 inpatient beds.529 530

Its hepatobiliary surgery department has performed liver transplants extensively. The department has 2 professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 attending surgeons, all of whom hold PhD degrees and two of them were trained overseas. This department has 58 beds.531