The hospital is also known as the No. 1 School of Clinical Medicine at Kunming Medical University, with 3,000 registered beds. It has 568 senior specialists, 39 PhD advisors, 253 master’s advisors, and 969 staff with PhDs or master’s degrees.967

The hospital operates the Yunnan Province Organ Transplant (Liver and Kidney) Research Center. The hospital claims that, according to the Ministry of Health, “Our department’s liver transplant index (including the total number of cases, transplant quality, efficacy, data integrity, etc.) ranked 38th among the 80 hospitals qualified to conduct liver transplants in the country; our department’s index ranked 10th among the 122 hospitals qualified to conduct kidney transplants.”968

Zeng Zhong, vice president of the hospital and a well-known expert, leads the liver transplant team. He has completed more than 200 liver transplants and supervised more than 600 kidney transplants. The kidney transplant team is led by Professor Ma Chaolong.969

The organ transplant center once completed three orthotopic liver transplants and four kidney transplants in the same day. The center successfully performed China’s first special liver transplant, during which a donor liver was shared by two patients through sectioning. The operation took place on December 20, 2006. One patient was from Beijing, and one was from Kunming.970