This is the first affiliated hospital of the PLA General Hospital. The Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery is its key department with a strong technical force of many well-known specialists and professors. Currently it has 3 Master’s degree advisors, 2 postdoctoral fellows, 5 staff with PhDs and 4 with Master’s degrees. It has 60 inpatient beds, admits more than 1,700 inpatients and conducts more than 1200 surgeries per year. 431

The current director is concurrent professor Jiang Kai, deputy director of the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery at the PLA General Hospital. Jiang was under the tutelage of a well-known hepatobiliary surgery specialist in China, named Huang Zhiqiang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Jiang studied liver transplantation at Queen Mary Hospital of the University of Hong Kong under professor S.T. Fan. Jiang was responsible for a number of major programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other military special programs.

The Department of Urologic Surgery has over 30 medical staff, including 1 chief surgeon/professor, 7 associate chief surgeons; 7 staff with PhDs and 4 staff with Master’s degrees. In recent years the department has developed its business rapidly and has had a certain influence in the Beijing region and national wide.432

Director of this department, renal transplant specialist Ye Linyang has been working in the field for 28 years. He has taught dozens of junior doctors and helped some other institutions to carry out kidney transplants. He has trained a number of core organ transplant personnel.433