This is the largest general hospital in Guangdong Province and one of the strongest in China. It has 3,926 medical professional personnel, including 685 with senior titles, 32 doctoral advisors, and 116 master’s advisors. It has 2,729 beds and an annual surgical volume of 105,000.362

Its urologic surgery department was established in 1947 and was one of the earliest. The hospital’s kidney transplant success rate has reached over 98%. It has carried out a number of successful combined pancreas-kidney and liver-kidney transplants. Its extensive clinical experience has attracted not only domestic patients, but also many more from Asia, the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and other countries. About 70% of its staff hold senior titles, including 10 chief surgeons and associate chief surgeons. It has 70 beds.363

The hospital’s cardiac surgery department has developed into the largest treatment center for cardiovascular surgery in southern China and enjoys a high reputation. The department has 45 personnel with senior professional titles, 26 PhDs, and 30 with master’s degrees. It has 3 doctoral advisors and 9 master’s advisors.364

In 1998, the department carried out the first heart transplant in the province. In 2006, it completed the first combined heart-lung transplant. It has 205 beds and 10 operating theatres.

Professor Wu Ruobin, the department’s director and a doctoral advisor, led the first heart transplant and the first heart-lung transplant in Guangdong Province. He has published nearly 20 articles. His current research project is the provincial key project “Heart-Lung Transplantation.”365

The hospital does not have approval to perform liver transplants, but its website shows that it has been conducting liver transplants and was one of the first in China to begin clinical transplants and has continued to develop clinical transplants over the years.366

In 2001, the kidney transplant team published a paper titled “Multiple Organ Transplantation.” It stated that they extracted multiple organs from 6 donors and transplanted them into 2 end-stage heart disease patients, one patient with late-stage cirrhosis and chronic renal failure (liver-kidney transplant), 3 late-stage cirrhosis patients (liver transplants), and 11 end-stage uremia patients (kidney transplants). All of the donor organs were obtained using heart-kidney or liver-kidney removal techniques.367

Its website states, “On January 16, 2001, the doctors of our gastrointestinal surgery and urology departments successfully conducted the first pancreas-kidney transplant in province. The success is a sign that our hospital’s organ transplantation has reached a new level.”368