Founded in 1952, this large, comprehensive 3A hospital is the only kidney transplant center designated by the Ministry of Health for Hainan Province. It’s affiliated with Hainan Medical College, and is the appointed kidney transplant hospital by Hainan Province. It has 1,800 beds and 2,256 personnel, including 250 with senior titles, 12 PhDs, 130 master’s degree holders, and 18 national and provincial-level Outstanding Experts.774

Its urologic surgery department began performing kidney and testicular transplants as early as in 1982. With abundant experience in kidney transplantation and medical personnel resources, it achieves nearly a 100% success rate in kidney transplantation.775 It has 4 sets of kidney transplant surgery equipment and can conduct 4 kidney transplants simultaneously. Its medical team includes 3 senior professionals, 5 associate senior professionals, two PhDs, and one master’s degree holder. It currently has 42 beds.776

The hospital’s president, Professor Xiao Jinzhu, completed the hospital’s first kidney allograft transplant in 1994.777 He is a member of the Organ Transplant Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, and the Chairman of the Organ Transplant Committee of Hainan Province. He studied organ transplantation at Tongji Medical University in 1994, received training in urology in Singapore National University Hospital in 1997, and studied at the University of California in 2000. He has published 14 academic papers.778 779 The hospital also carries out bone marrow and stem cell transplants.