This facility was formerly a Gospel Hospital founded in Kaifeng in 1904. It is now one of the largest provincial general hospitals in Henan Province, with 3,900 beds, 720 senior staff, 142 doctoral and graduate advisors, and 62 outstanding provincial experts and experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council.257

Its Urologic Surgery Department was established in 1963 and currently has over 150 beds, 64 medical staff, including 7 chief surgeons/physicians, 5 associate chief surgeons, 4 attending physicians, one post-doctoral fellow, 5 staff members with PhDs, and 9 staff members with master’s degrees. It began developing kidney transplants in the early 1980s and is now capable of carrying out allogeneic and living-relative-donor kidney transplants.258

Its Hepatobiliary Surgery Department carried out the province’s first liver transplant surgery in 1995.259 It now has 7 chief surgeons/physicians, 11 associate chief surgeons/physicians, one associate chief nurse, 13 nurses-in-charge, 32 nurses, 16 staff members with PhDs, and 10 staff with master’s degrees. It has over 200 beds.260

Xue Huanzhou is known as the top kidney transplant expert in Henan Province. Xue’s skill in bloodless hepatectomy is the state-of-the-art domestically, and he performs over 1,000 surgeries annually.261

Its Chest Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Center carries out routine lung transplant surgeries. The Center has 26 medical staff, including 3 chief surgeons, 2 associate chief surgeons, 4 attending physicians, and 7 staff members with master’s degrees. It has 41 beds.262

Deputy Director Wei Li of the Center studied lung transplant technique in Kyoto University in Japan from 2006 to 2008. After returning to China, Wei led his team to successfully complete Henan Province’s first bilateral sequential lung transplant surgery.263 The Center has regular academic exchanges with Kyoto University Respiratory Surgery Department and Toronto Organ Transplant Center.

Its Department of Ophthalmology became Henan Eye Hospital in March 2012264. It has performed at least 6,000 corneal transplants.265 It has 196 beds, 27 researchers and chief surgeons, 30 research associates and associate chief surgeons, 23 staff with PhDs, and 39 with master’s degrees, including one doctoral advisor and 7 master’s advisors.266 The hospital’s eye bank is state-of-the-art in the country and hosts the Henan Province Eye Bank.