This hospital is a key liver transplantation center for the Ministry of Health. Its Liver Surgery Institute includes two wards with more than 110 beds. Its medical team has 62 staff, including 9 professors or those with senior professional titles, and 12 with associate senior titles. Over 90% of its doctors hold doctoral degrees. It has six surgical teams and four operating rooms, which are available for simultaneous liver transplant operations.126

In the span of three to four years, its Liver Surgery Department grew from nonexistence into one of the five largest liver transplant research center in the country.127

Wang Xuehao, head of the Liver Surgery Institute and the Jiangsu Province Liver Transplantation Center,128 is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a doctoral advisor, a well-known Chinese organ transplant and hepatobiliary surgeon, and a pioneer of living-donor liver transplantation in China. He pursued further study at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s World Liver Transplant Center between September 1983 and October 1985.129 In January 1995, he conducted the first successful living-donor liver transplant in China. At present, he is the director of the key liver transplantation laboratory of the Ministry of Health, and the director of the Academic Committee.130

Li Xiangcheng is the deputy director of the Liver Transplantation Center and a PhD advisor. He engages in liver surgery and clinical liver transplants and research. In 2001, he studied as a visiting scholar at the University of Pittsburgh Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute and accumulated a large amount of experience in perioperative care in liver transplantation.131

The eight members of the liver transplantation research innovation team are Sun Beicheng, Li Guoqiang, Cheng Feng, Lu Ling, Yu Yue, Chen Yun, Yao Aihua, and Gao Yun. All of its members hold at least PhD degrees, and half have studied abroad.132

The Urologic Surgery Department performed the first allogenic kidney transplant in the province in 1977. It established a Kidney Transplant Center in 1998. Its combined pancreas-kidney and liver-kidney transplantation have won second prize of the provincial science and technology award.133 Its kidney and multi-organ transplantation are at an advanced level domestically.134

The Ophthalmology department of the Institute is also the Jiangsu Province Eye Bank.