The hospital was established in 1897 and has 1,522 beds. Its staff includes 165 chief physicians, 261 associate chief physicians, 40 PhDs, 256 master’s degree holders, 4 doctoral advisors, and 84 master’s advisors.740
Its organ transplant department started kidney transplants in 1994 and liver transplants in 2001. It has also performed heart, bone marrow, liver-kidney, liver-pancreas, and other types of transplants.741 The hospital is well ahead of others in the province in the number of transplants performed, and it has reached a leading position in the nation.742

The hospital formed a dedicated liver transplant team in 2001. It performed its first heart transplant in 2002. In 2005, the hospital officially established its organ transplant department, the first complete and standardized transplant department in the province. In 2006, it independently performed the province’s first combined liver-kidney transplant. In 2013, the department became a leading discipline at the hospital. Its “series of research in and

clinical application of different forms of liver allografts” program won second prize of the Jiangxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award.743 744

On March 31, 2015, the transplant department successfully performed 6 transplant surgeries within 19 hours. Its website stated that it started the first liver transplant at 02:00 and the second one at 10:45; it started two more at 13:30 and another two at 17:00. All six surgeries were completed by 21:00.745

In the week before January 30, 2014 (Chinese New Year), the department performed 12 transplants, including 4 liver and 8 kidney transplants. Included in the report was a photo of all of the patients in their beds.746

Two weeks later, in the afternoon of February 14, the department consecutively performed one liverand two kidney transplants. The liver transplant patient was transferred from another hospital in a hepatic coma for an emergency transplant.747 The surgery began immediately after this patient was transferred to this hospital,748 indicating that the hospital has readily available liver sources.

The hospital’s website reported in 2013 that along with large-scale development of transplant surgeries, the transplant department would open a new ward and expand from 4 beds for transplant monitoring to 8 beds. This suggests that the department can perform up to 8 transplants simultaneously.749

Li Xinchang, the director of the organ transplant department, is a member of the Kidney Transplantation Group of the Organ Transplantation Society, an affiliate of the Chinese Medical Association. He has performed kidney transplants for over 20 years. He also led a specialized team to perform liver, complicated liver-kidney, pancreas-kidney, and other types of transplants. He takes the lead in both transplant quantity and quality.750

Luo Wenfeng, Long Chengmei, Luo Laibang, Zhang Youfu, Ding Limin, Shi Jun, Hu Guozhu, and many other doctors are involved in large numbers of liver and kidney transplants.

The Jiangxi Eye Bank is located in this hospital’s eye center. Chief physician Cui Hua has performed over 500 corneal transplants.751