This hospital has 2,200 beds. Its staff include 13 experts who receive special allowances from the State Council, 3 experts recognized by Ministry of Health for outstanding contributions, 16 doctoral advisors, 125 master’s advisors, 50 professors, and 106 associate professors.1011

The liver transplant department has 71 beds and is housed at the First General Surgery Department. It has 3 chief physicians, 4 associate chief physicians, one doctoral advisor, and 3 master’s advisors.1012

The director of the hepatobiliary surgery department, Li Yumin, is the president of the Lanzhou University Second Hospital, a member of the Organ Transplantation Society of the Chinese Medical Association, and the deputy director of the Liver Transplantation Group. In 1999, the liver transplant unit established the first liver transplant research team in Gansu Province. In September 2001, it completed the first clinical orthotopic liver transplant in Gansu Province.1013

In 2003, the urologic surgery department conducted the first combined spleen-kidney transplant in northwestern China. The department has outstanding skills, particularly in kidney transplantation.1014 It has 32 medical personnel, including 3 with senior professional titles, 6 with associate senior titles, 8 PhDs, 6 with master’s degrees, and 6 who were trained overseas.1015

Yang Li, director of urology surgery at Lanzhou University Second Hospital and deputy director of Gansu Province urological disease clinical center, is a top kidney transplant specialist in Asia. He has published 21 academic papers, 9 of which are included in the Science Citation Index. 1016

While the hospital is only approved to carry out kidney transplants, but they have in fact carried out various types of organ transplant surgeries and they have complete medical staff to facilitate liver, lung, kidney, spleen, corneal and bone marrow transplantation. According to report on March 9, 2013, the hospital obtained five organs from the same donor, and completed lung transplant, liver transplant, two kidney transplants, and cornea transplant. This was the first such case in Gansu province, and the first lung transplant in Gansu. 1017

In August 1998, the hospital collaborated with the American Academy of Ophthalmology to establish the “Western China Eye Bank” and began carrying out corneal transplants.1018 As of that time the hospital had performed over 500 cases of cornea transplants, its website said.