This facility was formerly a Gospel Hospital founded in 1891. It has 3,600 beds and 5,800 staff. It is a teaching hospital serving over ten medical colleges, including Shandong University.249 It has 526 senior staff, 10 staff with PhDs, and 176 with master’s degrees.250 The hospital’s Urologic Surgery Department is a key medical and health discipline in Shandong Province and has a work station for postdoctoral fellows from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Its kidney transplant center is known as one of the units to perform the most kidney transplants nationwide. The center has 46 medical staff, including a master’s advisor, 13 chief and associate chief surgeons/physicians, 9 attending physicians, and 10 doctoral and graduate students.251

Director Guo Fengfu is the vice chairman of the Shandong Organ Transplantation Society and began his involvement in kidney transplantation in 1993. He has led three provincial-level research projects, including one that was designated nationally advanced by the Shandong Province Science and Technology Department and won a first-prize science and technology progress award from the city. He has published nearly 10 papers at the center as the first author and co-edited three books.252

Guo Fengfu, chief physician Wang Jianming, deputy chief physicians Tan Shanfeng, He Xiangfei, and Wang Guangjian, and others had studied at VU University in Amsterdam. The department also employs a number of well-known domestic and foreign experts as visiting professors.253

Linyi People’s Hospital’s Fraternity Ophthalmology Unit takes the lead in the province in deep lamellar keratoplasty and corneal transplantation.254 It has 116 open beds, 7 chief surgeons, 11 deputy chief surgeons, 4 PhDs in ophthalmology, 22 master’s students, three professors, one associate professor, three lecturers, and a postgraduate advisor. 255

The hospital is known to charge the country’s lowest fee for kidney transplants.256