This hospital was founded through the merger of the PLA No. 153 Hospital and the PLA No. 460 Hospital (former PLA Air Force Zhengzhou Hospital)478. It is the teaching base for dozens of military universities, including the Fourth Military Medical University, PLA Medical College, Bethune Medical University, Zhengzhou Medical University, etc. It has trained a large number of experts for both military and civilian hospitals. It has over 1,800 beds, 5 post-doctoral fellows, over 30 staff with PhD degrees, over 120 staff with Master’s degrees, over 130 staff with senior professional titles, and over 150 with intermediate professional titles. 479

Its Urologic Surgery Department pioneered kidney transplant surgery in Henan Province in the 1980s. Kidney transplantation has become the hospital’s specialty and is domestically “state of the art” The department has 8 senior technical staff, 2 staff members with PhDs, and 3 staff members with Master’s degrees. It has 80 beds. 480

According to media reports, this hospital had completed about 800 cases of kidney transplants as early as in September 2000. It actively solicited business in Southeast Asia. 481

On September 26, 2000, the Overseas Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan column of People’s Daily reported this type of story: Lu Fang, a 53-year-old private school teacher in Taipei, learned from the media that the PLA 460 Hospital had successfully conducted about 800 kidney transplants. Lu Fang arrived the hospital in Zhengzhou on September 3. After eight days, the transplant experts spent more than three hours to implement a kidney transplant for Lu Fang. Since the disease situation was complex, this hospital specifically prepared two kidney “donors” for her transplant surgery.

According to a doctor’s thesis from the Urologic Surgery Department of the PLA No. 460 Hospital, by 2005, the hospital had carried out at least 1,217 kidney transplants. 482 The department began liver transplants in 2003. was the official website of the Central China PLA Renal Transplant Collaboration, which was formerly the PLA 460 Hospital Urology Surgery. The contents of this website included an online booking transplant form, a transplant experts quiz, a video on a live kidney transplant surgery, and an organ transplant matching software available for download. (The site can no longer be accessed.) 483