This is a teaching hospital for the PLA Second Military Medical University, Medical College of Qingdao University, Weifang Medical College, and Dalian Medical University. It has over 1,000 beds and close to 400 intermediate and senior technical staff. It claims that its liver and kidney transplantation is industry-leading both domestically and internationally.806

Its Urologic Surgery Department began to carry out kidney transplant surgeries in 1988, and was the earliest facility in Qingdao to carry out kidney transplants. It performs the most kidney transplants and boasts the highest success rate in Qingdao. In November 2011, it had once completed 10 kidney transplantations in succession.807 On September 25, 2003, it carried out its first liver transplant.808

Yuan Weisheng, director of the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department of the Liver Transplantation Center, also serves as member of Hepatobiliary Surgery Professional Committee of the military, and the deputy director of the Qingdao Municipal Organ Transplant Professional Committee. He carried out Qingdao City’s first liver transplant in 2003 and first living donor liver transplant in 2008. He is very knowledgeable in liver transplant and has published over 30 research articles and obtained a military medical achievement prize. 809

Yang Shizhong, deputy chief physician of the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, associate professor, and master’s advisor, is a backbone in the field of liver transplantation. He has carried out various kinds of liver transplants. 810