This is a clinical teaching hospital for the Second, Third and Fourth Military Medical Universities. It is also a joint training base for graduate students from Beijing Normal University Institute of Medicine, Wuhan University School of Medicine, Liaoning Medical University, and other institutions. The hospital staff includes 74 doctorates and postdoctoral fellows, and 175 with master’s degrees. It also engages 3 Academicians and over 200 well-known specialists as adjunct professors.553

Its liver transplant center was established in July 2004 and has a medical team with a solid theoretical foundation and rich clinical experience in that subject. It can carry out various complicated liver transplant operations.554

Zhou Dinghua, vice president of the hospital and director of the transplant center, is a doctoral advisor and a standing member of the Organ Transplant Committee. Zhou returned to the Second Artillery General Hospital from Nanjing General Hospital after his training at the postdoctoral station in 2003, and vowed to make liver transplantation a routine clinical operation at the General Hospital. In 2004, Zhou conducted the first liver transplant for the hospital.555 Zhou is now in charge of 12 projects funded by the National High-Tech Research and Development Program (“863 Program”), the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Tenth Military Five-Year Key Research Fund, Eleventh Military Five-Year Outstanding Talent Fund, and Twelfth Military Five-Year Key Research Fund.556

Li Chaoyang, a well-known liver transplant specialist in this transplant center, participated in the establishment of the liver transplant department at Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital in 2003. Li helped several 3A hospitals in five provinces to carry out liver transplant operations.557