This is the only hospital affiliated with a university in Qinghai. It has 2,000 open beds and 345 senior personnel. Among them there are 6 provincial chief medical experts, 16 city chief medical experts, 13 PhDs, 12 PhD students, and 171 with master’s degrees.1026

It has successfully developed new techniques for liver, kidney, corneal, hematopoietic stem cell, and other types of transplants.

Its urologic surgery department is one of the most capable in the province and has become a key discipline for the hospital, integrating clinical practice, teaching, and scientific research. In 2000, it performed the first kidney transplant in the province.1027

The department has 72 beds and 28 medical staff, including 2 professors/chief physicians, 2 associate professors/associate chief physicians, 11 staff members with intermediate professional titles, a PhD, and 6 with master’s degrees.

In 2003, the department undertook a provincial renal allograft research project led by Professor Wang Jian, the department’s director and chief medical expert at the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University. He studied as a senior visiting scholar in the urology departments at Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden and Kempten Hospital in Germany.1028

The hospital’s liver transplantation is a provincial key discipline. It successfully conducted the first allogeneic liver transplant in the Qinghai region.1029 On August 7, 2000, it became the first in the province to conduct a whole liver transplant, which was also a first in the five northwestern provinces.1030

Its ophthalmology department also carried out the first corneal transplant in the province.1031