This hospital has 1,428 beds and over 400 senior experts.380 It began to perform kidney transplants in 1987. Its volume of living-donor kidney transplants ranks among the top both in Guangdong Province and nationwide.381

Professor Pan Guanghui, chairman of the Guangzhou Organ Transplantation Society, established the hospital’s organ transplant center in 2001. He served as the center’s director and a member of the Guangdong Organ Transplantation Society. Having worked in the field for nearly 30 years, he provides technical support in kidney transplantation to nearly 20 hospitals in China. He has personally completed more than 1,000 kidney transplants.

Liao Dehuai, head of the center’s kidney transplant ward, has worked in the transplantation field for 24 years. In addition to a large number of kidney transplants, he has also carried out liver, liver-kidney, and pancreas-kidney transplants. He has performed nearly 800 kidney transplants.382

Chen Zheng holds a PhD in medicine and serves as a master’s advisor, a member and current secretary of the Guangdong Organ Transplantation Society, and a member of the Guangdong Medical Doctor Association Organ Transplantation Subcommittee. He has worked in kidney transplantation for 17 years. He studied kidney transplantation at Charité Hospital in Germany and at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in the United States in 2010 and 2011, respectively. He has conducted more than 600 kidney transplants, including nearly 300 living-donor kidney transplants. He has accumulated rich experience in the areas of transplant rejection responses and immune tolerance. In addition to managing a Ministry of Health research project, he has participated in one project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and two provincial-level research projects.

In the middle of April 2006, the hospital received eight kidneys for transplants, transported by air.383