The hospital has 1,926 beds, 439 staff with senior professional titles, 85 postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, and 697 master’s students.822 It has developed new technologies in liver, kidney, pancreas-kidney, bone marrow, stem cell, and other types of transplantation.823

Its Urologic Surgery Department established a professional kidney transplant team, which has performed routine kidney transplants since 1993. It began to perform pancreas-kidney transplants in 2005, filling a gap in Shandong Province.824 In September 2002, the hospital carried out its first liver transplant. It took only one month from the diagnosis to finishing the liver transplant. 825 The hospital has also successfully conducted bone marrow transplantation. 826

Zhao Yongwei, director of the Urologic Surgery Department, carried out the hospital’s first liver transplant and the first kidney transplant. He was the first in the province to perform HLA typing. He has carried out nearly 400 kidney transplants for uremia

patients and successfully performed a double-kidney sequential transplant, which was a breakthrough for highly sensitive patients. He has published more than 30 papers, edited or participated in the editing of 4 books, and has been granted two patents for his inventions.827

Its ophthalmology department was the first in the city to perform corneal transplants, and built the first standardized eye bank in southwestern Shandong Province.828