This hospital is an affiliated hospital of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences. It offers first-class graduate programs in clinical disciplines and a post-doctorate station in pharmacology and immunology. The hospital has 1,500 beds.546

It is self-proclaimed as one of the earliest hospitals to carry out kidney transplantation in China, and has become one of Beijing’s largest renal transplant centers. With a high surgical success rate, the survival time after kidney transplant surgery has always been at a leading level domestically and attracts many specialists and transplant recipients from throughout the country. It has frequently assisted hospitals in other cities with renal transplant operations.547

“The Kidney Transplant Center at the 307th Hospital of the Chinese PLA has won widespread praise from society and the academic field for its quality of health care services, and for its superb technology, low cost, and good transplant effects.”548

The center has many talented personnel. Its experts have many years of experience in the field of kidney transplants. It can carry out allograft kidney transplants, relative donor kidney transplants, autologous kidney transplantation, kidney transplants for the elderly, pediatric kidney transplants and other kinds of kidney transplant. For their kidney transplant patients, the longest survival time reached to 22 years.

The department possesses sophisticated equipment, and can simultaneous work on clinical operations and do basic research for kidney transplants and transplant immunology. It has set up a first-class immunology laboratory. It has 2 chief surgeons, 5 associate chief surgeons, 6 attending surgeons, 1 master’s degree tutor, and 1 PhD advisor. It has 80 inpatient beds.549

However, the hospital’s web page now only states “has successfully completed nearly one thousand cases of kidney transplantation,” 550on average, less than 50 cases per year, which is seriously inconsistent with the status of “one of the largest kidney transplant centers in the capital.” The hospital is also one of the largest units working on hematopoietic stem cell transplants. The five-year disease-free survival rate has reached above 60% for bone marrow transplants and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.551

The kidney source liaison personnel at this transplant center, Chen Qiang, revealed that the hospital streamlined government agencies, police, and prisons in the trade of organs from Falun Gong practitioners, and could provide proof of identification of the Falun Gong practitioner donors.552