Among the largest 3A general hospitals in Fujian Province, this institution has 88 authorized master’s and doctoral degree sites. The hospital has 2,500 beds and 484 medical personnel with senior professional titles. Over 60% of its doctors hold master’s or doctoral degrees.183

Its Liver Disease Center is the first medical facility in Fujian Province to integrate internal medicine, surgical medicine, and related disciplines in clinical liver treatment. Academician Wu Mengchao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an honorary director of the center. Its academic leaders, professors Jiang Jiaji and Liu Jingfeng, took part in compiling The Clinical Operation Protocol in Liver Transplant in China. The institute’s academic standing has reached an advanced level nationwide.184

The center maintains close cooperative relationships with advanced units in China and six well-known centers internationally. It manages multiple research programs under the National 863 Program, 973 Program, National “Eleventh Five-Year Plan,” National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and Fujian Province Key Research Projects. Some of its results are at a leading or advanced level. The center’s research has won several provincial science and technology progress awards. It has published more than 100 articles (with more than 10 listed in SCI). The center has edited 10 monographs and national surgical textbooks.185

The center has 7 chief surgeons/professors, 10 deputy chief surgeons/associate professors, 2 doctoral advisors, and 7 master’s advisors. Among its professional staff, 74% hold doctoral degrees. The center has 120 beds and claims that its annual quantity of liver surgeries ranks among the top 6 in China. Its liver transplantation capabilities have reached an advanced level in the nation.

Professor Liu Jingfeng, the founder of the department, is the provincial academic lead in liver disease and liver transplantation. He established a system of refined liver transplant techniques for end-stage liver disease. He studied at the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital in Shanghai and the Tongji Hospital Liver Surgery Department, under Academician Wu Mengchao and Professor Chen Xiaoping, respectively. He completed post-doctorate training at the Texas Liver Center in the United States in 2000.186 The team treats the most cases in the province, the fifth most nationwide, and changed the long-term situation of most patients going to Shanghai, Wuhan, Beijing, and other places to seek treatment.187