This is the nation’s largest hospital by bed count. Public information shows that the hospital’s annual revenue increased from 680 million RMB in 2008 to 6 billion RMB in 2013 and to 7.5 billion RMB in 2014. It has 7,000 beds and serves as many as 21,600 outpatients a day, four times that of a similar type of hospital in Henan Province. In 2014, the hospital saw 4.26 million outpatients and 310,000 inpatients. 267 It has 445 senior staff, 550 associate senior staff, 1,025 intermediate staff, 723 staff with PhDs, and 1,479 staff with master’s degrees. 268 Its quantity of liver transplantation and kidney transplantation performed both rank it among the top five in China. 269

The hospital started performing kidney transplants in 1978. Its kidney transplant center is acknowledged as highly skilled, with low fees and the best treatment outcomes, and remains in a leading position in the nation. It has ranked first in Henan Province for many consecutive years in the number of kidney transplants completed.270

The hospital’s vice president Zhang Shuijun has performed in-depth research on liver transplants and combined pancreas-kidney transplants. In 1994, Zhang led a team to set up the only liver transplant laboratory in Henan Province, and completed Henan Medical University’s first clinical liver transplant surgery successfully in 1997,271 moving the development of liver transplantation into the “fast lane.”272

According to a report published on the Henan Daily’s website on April 19, 2006, Zhang Shuijun, the hospital’s vice president, chairman of the Henan Organ Transplant Society, and an organ transplantation pioneer, commented that organ transplantation was flourishing throughout the province.

On April 3, the website of Liver Transplant Center of Henan Province reported that this center performed 4 successful liver transplants for 2 hepatocirrhosis patients and 2 liver cancer patients within the same day. Because of the doctors’ skillful operation and the patients’ minimal bleeding, all of the patients were transferred from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to regular units on the same day of their surgery. Zhang also said that between the Lunar New Year (January 31, 2014) and April 3, 2014, the hospital had completed 30 liver transplants.273

In early September 2014, the center carried out liver transplants for two male patients on the same day; one of whom needed only one day to achieve a successful match. The patients’ family paid 600,000 RMB in cash, and the surgery was done the next day.274