This is the largest comprehensive 3A hospital in Hebei Province integrating medical care, education, and research. It has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one Hebei “High-End Talent,” and 25 doctoral advisors. Among its medical personnel, 59 receive privileged allowances from the State Council.577

The hospital conducted the first cadaveric kidney allograft in the province in 1976. It completed the first living-donor kidney transplant in 2001. Kidney transplantation has become one of its routine operations.578

According to the 2002 issue of Liver Transplant Technology of Hebei Public Health Yearbook, “to advance the development of organ transplantation, the hospital formed a multi-organ transplant leading group, mainly to develop heart, liver, kidney, and other multi-organ transplants.” The group’s chairman was hospital president Cai Wenqing, and its vice chairman was hospital vice president Liu Huaijun. Other members included relevant transplant experts and responsible parties.579

Its urologic surgery department claims that its kidney transplant team, led by Professor Li Wei, is at an advanced level in China and has a high reputation among patients.580 Professor Cai Wenqing, hospital president and doctoral advisor, led the urologic surgery department to complete the first living-donor kidney transplant in the province. He studied in the urologic surgery department at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.581

The 72-bed department has 16 chief and associate chief physicians, 8 PhDs, 15 with master’s degrees, one doctoral advisor, and 6 master’s advisors.

Its hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery department carried out the first liver transplant in the province in 2001.582 Deputy director Bian Wei studied liver transplantation at the Tianjin First Center Hospital.583

The cardiac surgery department’s heart transplantation leads the province and is at an advanced level in the country. It has 8 chief surgeons/professors, 6 associate chief surgeons/associate professors, 5 residents, 3 PhDs, and 15 members with master’s degrees. It has 70 open beds.584

The hospital’s vice president Liu Su pursued advanced studies in the United States, Germany, and Australia. After returning to China, he led the first adult and pediatric heart transplants in the province.585 On April 7, 2011, Liu’s expert group performed a heart transplant for 13-year-old Hua Jiale; the hospital found a matching child donor for the patient in under a week.”586