This hospital is affiliated with Shandong University and currently has 4 Taishan Scholars, 29 doctoral advisors, 68 master’s advisors, and 18 doctorate degree programs. It serves as a teaching and clinical hospital for a dozen universities within and outside of Shandong Province.220

Its kidney transplant department, which is its specialty discipline, was established in 2003 as the first professional transplant center in Shandong Province. The department has an independent organ cross-matching laboratory. It started researching DNA microarray tissue matching technology in 2003, achieving strict gene pairing between donor and recipient prior to transplantation. Transplant quality has increased substantially, since the majority of the patients have reached ideal amino acid residue matching. Its transplant quantity and quality rank first in Shandong Province, while its kidney transplant capabilities are at the forefront both in the province and in the country.221 222

Professor Zhao Shengtian, head of the urologic surgery discipline, president of the hospital, and doctoral advisor, has a team of well-known experts, including Liu Yuqiang and Wang Hongwei. The team has 7 chief surgeons, 10 associate chief surgeons, 12 attending surgeons, 4 doctoral advisors and 6 master’s advisors.223

Professor Wang Hongwei,224 deputy director of the Institute of Urology at Shandong University, director of the kidney transplant department, has participated in nearly 2,000 kidney transplants over the course of 20 years. His team once successfully completed ten kidney transplants in one day. Wang was formerly a kidney specialist at the Department of Urology at the General Hospital of Jinan Military Command. In 2003, he was recruited to set up the first professional organ transplant department in the province at the Second Hospital Shandong University. The department’s kidney transplant technology is at the forefront both in the province and in the country. Wang has won a number of science and technology achievement awards in the provincial research projects he led and participated in. He has published more than 50 papers.225

Deputy director Tian Chuan, an associate chief surgeon and member of the Organ Transplant Branch of the Shandong Province Medical Association, has participated in nearly 1,000 kidney transplants.226

The hospital’s ophthalmology department performs allogeneic corneal transplants and claims to have abundant organ sources and a cornea bank.