Built in 1899 and formerly known as Rouji Hospital as established by an American church, the hospital now has 235 staff with senior titles or above, and over 389 staff with master’s degrees and PhDs. It has 1,000 beds. Organ transplantation is a key discipline at the hospital.408

In 1986, it performed the first kidney transplant in Guangzhou City. In April 2004, it became part of the first batch of institutions to be given a Grade A rating in the kidney transplant quality assessment by the Guangdong Medical Association. In 2008, it passed a quality assessment review by the Guangdong Medical Association.409

Its organ transplant department’s website states that it has completed the most kidney transplants in the province in recent years. The department gradually grew into a comprehensive, specialized unit offering medical care, academic research, and education. It has 6 personnel with associate senior titles or above, including 2 graduate advisors, 4 staff members with PhDs, one post-doctoral fellow, and 3 staff members with master’s degrees. Three doctors with senior titles have each completed over one hundred kidney transplants.410 Associate director Lin Minzhuan has participated in around 2,600 kidney transplants, 25 liver transplants, and 3 pancreas-kidney transplants. 411

Although this hospital has approval to perform only kidney transplants, its organ transplant department has successfully carried out complicated transplants of ovaries, kidneys, livers, bone marrow, corneas, hearts, lungs, and other types.412 413 414In 2000, its general surgery department completed the first liver transplant in the municipal healthcare system. Its thoracic surgery department performed its first two heart transplants and first lung transplant in 2006. The hospital is also capable of carrying out penetrating keratoplasty.

Huang Xiaoting, chief surgeon, has carried out more than 400 kidney transplants. He has published over 30 research articles and receives funds from China’s National Natural Science Foundation. 415

Lin Minzhuan, associate chief surgeon and associate director of the organ transplant department, used to be the associate director of organ transplant department at Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University. He has participated in around 2600 kidney transplants, 25 liver transplants, and 3 pancreas-kidney transplants. He has 25 years of experience in kidney transplantation and has published over 30 research articles and won multiple awards from the military. 416