Established in 1906 and formerly known as the Lutheran Church Hospital, Yiyang Central Hospital now serves as the clinical school of Xiangya School of Medicine. It employs 60 personnel with senior professional titles, 195 with associate senior titles, 42 master’s degree holders, one PhD, and 4 experts who receive special allowances from the State Council. 829

In 2000, this hospital became the first in the province to start performing kidney transplants.830 In 2004, it established a kidney transplant center with independent wards. The center’s success rate of 99.6% is at an advanced level domestically. In 2009, it scored among the top ten in the CSRKT ranking.831

Facing demand growing by the day, the hospital increased its investment in equipment and facilities and is currently constructing a new 25-story surgical building.832

The center claims to collaborate with the PLA General Hospital and the kidney transplant center affiliated with the First Military Medical university.833 The center’s mandate states, “We select the best kidneys. We perform overall examinations of the donor kidneys to ensure that the best-quality matching kidneys are chosen. Patient treatment costs charged are lower than the standard of other hospitals within and outside of the province.”834

The center currently has 7 surgeons/physicians, 12 nurses, and one technician, including 5 members with senior titles, 4 with intermediate titles, and 3 with master’s degrees.835

Its director, Ding Shouning, was selected for the National Committee of Chinese Dialysis and Transplantation Society in 2014.836

The center’s website does not contain bed count information. Its “expert profiles” section lists only associate chief physician Ding Shouning, whose profile is blank.837