The hospital was established by the merger of the Zhengzhou Cardiovascular Disease Institute and Urology Medical Institute.

Its kidney transplant department was established in 1987 and performed kidney allografts relatively early in China. It claims that its quantity and quality of kidney transplants in the past 20 years ranks first in the province. In 2000, it completed the first combined liver-kidney and pancreas-kidney transplants. Between 2001 and 2002, it completed the first heart allograft in the province.780

Its new hospital building went into operation in 2009. The first phase opened with 600 beds, including kidney transplantation and other specialist departments.781

The department’s professional team has 38 members, including 2 chief surgeons, 8 attending physicians, and 5 master’s degree students.782 It has 46 beds; in 2015, the utilization rate exceeded 130%.783

According to the kidney transplant department’s website, “Since the establishment of our specialist department, we have conducted more than 2,000 kidney transplants. We have conducted 130 kidney transplants from living relatives.” 784

According to an update published by the kidney transplant department on March 31, 2015:785
“In 2014, our department completed over 50 kidney transplants, leading the entire province. Size of the department: there are 46 approved beds, but the number of patients is now usually maintained at 70 or more. The bed utilization rate exceeds 130%.”

The claimed transplant volume in this update does not make sense for the department’s bed count: with such a high bed utilization rate, 50 kidney transplants per year would require only 3 beds; with 46 beds with occupancy as high as 130%, a conservative estimate using a 20-day hospitalization period would show that 46 beds can accommodate over 1,000 cases. (annual capacity of beds = 46 * 1.3 * 365/20 = 1091)

The department’s academic discipline leader, Wang Changan, is a member of the Henan Organ Transplant Society and has participated in nearly 1,000 transplants. In 2000, Wang carried out the province’s first liver-kidney transplant. He has led many research projects and received many provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards.786

Chief surgeon Han Lin of the department has also engaged in kidney transplantation for a long time. He is a member of the Henan Organ Transplant Society.787