Dalian Friendship Hospital is a comprehensive 3A hospital that integrates medical care, education, research, first aid, health care, and rehabilitation. It is also the Dalian Red Cross Hospital. It has nearly 300 senior medical staff and around 1,200 beds.647

In November 1997, Dalian Friendship Hospital set up its kidney transplant ward and independently completed its first kidney transplant. It set up a laboratory for organ transplantation in 2001 and completed the first liver transplantation in Dalian that December. On February 1, it completed one liver transplant and four kidney transplants within 14 hours. In March 2003, it established the Dalian City Kidney Transplant Center. On November 10, 2003, it completed the first combined liver-kidney transplant in northeastern China. On October 28, 2005, it conducted an orthotopic heart transplant.648

With its renal transplant patients ranging from 14 to 67 years old and an overall success rate of over 95%, the hospital has reached an advanced level domestically and attracted patients from Beijing, Harbin, and other areas.

Hu Zhilin, chief of the Dalian City Kidney Transplant Center of Dalian Friendship Hospital, is a member of the National Organ Transplant Research Committee and the Professional Society of Organ Transplantation in Liaoning Province. He started clinical and research work in kidney transplantation in 1985. As of September 27, 2006, he had conducted more than 500 kidney transplants.649

Tan Wenxiang, the current chief of surgery at Dalian Friendship Hospital, has engaged in hepatobiliary surgery for more than 20 years and specializes in liver transplantation.

Fu Weili, chief physician of hepatobiliary surgery, specializes in liver transplantation and postoperative patient management. 650