This is the largest comprehensive military general hospital in Zhejiang Province that combines medical treatment, education, research and health care. It serves as a teaching hospital for Zhejiang University, Second Military Medical University, Jiangsu University, Anhui Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University, and Medical College of Hangzhou Normal University.459 It has over 1000 beds. 460

Its large kidney disease center provides internal medicine and surgical therapy, dialysis treatment, and kidney transplant for kidney diseases. The center currently has 83 beds. It’s one of three medical institutions in Zhejiang Province permitted to perform kidney transplantation operations.461 However one can hardly find any information related to its organ transplant volume on the website.

Xu Longgen is the chief surgeon in the kidney transplant team. He is the deputy director of the Organ Transplantation Association of the Nanjing Military Region, and a standing committee member of Zhejiang Organ Transplantation Association. He has worked in this area for almost 30 years. However, the only transplant volume data on the website shows that Xu has given guidance in carrying out over 600 cases of kidney transplants. 462