This provincial-level, comprehensive 3A hospital has 1,500 registered beds, 1,800 open beds, and 909 personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles. Among them, 30 are provincial-level leaders of academic disciplines and 49 are doctoral or master’s advisors.845

The hospital’s general surgery department carried out the first piggyback liver transplant in the province.846 It has 14 chief and associate chief physicians, 62 professional nurses, and 114 beds.847

Its urologic surgery department is a provincial key discipline and started performing kidney transplants in 1982.848 It has 5 chief or associate chief surgeons/physicians, 19 nursing professionals and technical personnel, and one deputy director of nursing. The department has 43 beds.849

The general surgery department led the province in launching piggyback liver transplantation and takes on primary responsibility for technological innovation in the province. In recent years, it has undertaken programs such as “liver grafts clinical research of organ transplant applications in Qinghai,” which is led by the Qinghai Science and Technology Department. The department has published hundreds of articles.850