This hospital serves as the Shaanxi Provincial Research Institute of Clinical Medicine and a national institution for clinical drug trials. The hospital has over 500 senior professional staff, 77 of whom are experts who have made outstanding contributions to the province or the country. It has 88 PhD or master’s advisors and 714 PhD and master’s students. The hospital has 3,000 beds and focuses on liver, kidney, lung, bone marrow, and other types of transplants.994

Its kidney transplant department has a strong technical force and a positive reputation in northwestern China. It can routinely carry out various operations related to kidney transplantation.995 The department has 40 beds.996 The transplantation department has a separate 40-bed for renal transplant, which is highly capable and renowned in northwestern China.997

Luo Yongkang, director of the kidney transplant department and chief physician, has more than ten years’ experience in renal transplantation and independently completed over 400 renal transplant operations. He has published more than 10 research articles, and is well known in Northwestern China for renal transplantation.

Its thoracic surgery department performed the first lung transplant in northwestern China in July 2005. It carries out a variety of transplants targeting end-stage lung diseases.998

The hospital’s hepatobiliary unit has 100 beds, with 4 chief surgeons, 3 deputy chief surgeons, 4 PhDs, 3 in PhD studies, and 6 master’s degree holders. The unit actively carries out clinical research and has published more than 70 academic papers, including over 10 listed in SCI and Chinese journal collections. It has undertaken 9 national and provincial-level research programs, and is a teaching hospital for Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Xi’an Medical College; it’s also responsible for clinical teaching and basic physician training.999