This hospital has 2,306 beds, 350 staff with senior professional titles, and 9 experts who receive special allowances from the State Council. 1006 It also has 21 doctoral advisors and 75 master’s advisors.

The hospital`s liver transplant center is housed at the Second Section of General Surgery Department of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University. It has 2 chief surgeons/physicians, 2 professors, and 5 associate chief surgeons/physicians. Among the staff, 7 hold PhDs and 11 have master’s degrees.1007

Its liver transplant center carried out the first liver transplant in the Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia regions in 2001. In November 2004, it completed the first secondary liver transplant in the region. In 2006, it established 24 beds for in-patient ward for liver transplant and in November 2006 it was approved as the only liver transplant center in Gansu province. In December 2006, it completed a combined liver-kidney transplant. In April 2007, it started performing living-donor liver transplants. In 2012, it completed a liver transplant for a patient with situs inversus, an operation rarely attempted worldwide.1008

Professor Li Xun, vice president of the hospital and director of the Organ Transplant Center is a member of the Organ Transplant Committee of the Chinese Medical Association. He specializes in organ transplants. In 2001, he completed the first liver transplant in Gansu Province, and thereafter he completed 35 liver transplant surgeries. In November 2004, he completed the first “second attempt” liver transplantation in Gansu Province. In 2006, he established the hospital’s liver transplant ward. In December 2006, he carried out the department’s first combined liver-kidney transplant. In April 2007, he performed its first living-donor liver transplant.1009

In June 2001, Li studied multi-organ transplants in liver, kidney, and other organs at the Tianjin First Central Hospital Organ Transplant Center. From July to October 2010, he studied living-donor liver transplantation and hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgical techniques in an exchange program at Asan Hospital and Shiyan Hospital in Korea. From January to April, he studied liver transplantation and hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery techniques at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He is the current managing editor of the Journal of Organ Donation and Transplantation and on the editorial board of the Practical Organ Transplantation Journal.1010