The hospital ranks 25th among the 100 most competitive hospitals in China, according to the 2015 China Hospital Blue Book Competitiveness Report released jointly by the Hong Kong Eric Peter Hospital Management Research Center and the Documentation Publishing House of Chinese Academy of Social Science in March 2016.119

The General Surgery Department has 240 beds and performs about 7,000 operations annually. It is staffed with 47 doctors, 3 doctoral advisors, 11 master’s advisors, 6 professors, 34 associate professors, 11 full-time doctoral students, and 15 full-time master’s students.120

Its liver surgery department has a postdoctoral fellow research center and hosts doctoral and master’s programs. Xinhua Hospital is also one of the first liver transplant hospitals licensed by the Ministry of Health.

It was one of the first to carry out orthotopic, piggyback, and pro-donor liver transplantations. Its official website boasts its “routine operations” of living-donor liver transplants for both adults and children and that the hospital “has identified liver transplant experiences suitable for China’s conditions.”121

The hospital hosted the “Oriental Technology Forum – Liver Transplantation,” organized by the city of

Shanghai, the Chinese Academy of Science, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It received national-level funding and funding from key research projects of Shanghai.

Dr. Quan Zhiwei, associate dean of the hospital, is a member of the Organ Transplant Committee of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and an editorial member of the Chinese edition of Annals of Surgery. He has published over 40 papers in Chinese and international journals and holds several patents.

irector Chen Litian conducted over 500 liver transplants at the Oriental Organ Transplantation Center after obtaining his PhD in 2003. He established the Liver Transplant Department at Xinhua Hospital in 2011.122 He was also involved in writing and compiling Liver Transplants in China, Liver Transplantation Manual, and A Mapping Guide to Organ Transplant Surgery, and other publications.123

Dr. Du Zhiyong received his PhD in 2008, and began post-doctorate study at Rui Jin Hospital under Professor Peng Chenghong, a domestically-renowned expert liver transplants. He joined Xinhua Hospital in July 2011, and has performed a large number of liver transplant, hepatobiliary, and pancreatic surgeries.124

The current pages of the Xinhua Hospital Liver Transplant Center no longer contain the information regarding the number of beds and personnel.

The hospital has about 3,000 employees, 46% of whom hold senior and associate senior professional titles. It has 42 doctoral advisors, 181 master’s advisors, a clinical postdoctoral fellow research center, 8 doctoral programs, and 25 master’s programs.125