4. Cover-Up

The Chinese regime has systematically hidden and destroyed evidence and data regarding its harvesting of organs from illicit sources. Our examination of hospitals shows that transplant figures claimed by the government and medical institutions have been manipulated because of the inability to identify organ sources and due to financial interests.1 This was especially true after organ harvesting was first publicly exposed to the world in 2006, since which time transplant data and relevant online information have been either removed or deflated, often by an order of magnitude.

In this chapter:

  1. Case Study: China International Transplantation Assistance Center (CITNAC)
  2. Deletion of Information
  3. Restricted Access to Registries
  4. Widespread Underreporting by Hospitals
  5. Causes of Underreporting
  6. Falsifying Transplant Data


"Organ source transformed, however the number of transplant rises up instead of falling downing Source: Beijing Youth Daily October 15th, 2015"
Original: http://epaper.ynet.com/html/2015-10/19/content_159772.htm
Archived: https://archive.is/T3N0y
黄洁夫:器官来源转型 移植数不降反升 《北京青年报》 2015年10月15日